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"This academy enforces a serious disciplined approach projecting a high caliber of abilities, skills, and ethics that the public deserves."

The International Academy of Medical Reflexology in 1987 was founded by the owner, Professor Lorraina J. Telepo, MRP. The core purpose for developing a career academy was to upgrade the practice from Reflexology to Medical Reflexology and to the highest professional level. Through her diligence, hard work and skills, Professor Telepo was able to accomplish the licensing of her academy, the IAMR, with the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools. This accomplishment was the milestone that finally gave Medical Reflexology its own sanction and legal fulfillment levels that would enable the public to distinguish between the Medical Reflexology professional versus the hobby/amateur reflexologist. This government qualification is confirmed through strict competency testing, and is the only way that a Medical Reflexologist can gain an entry-level position as a professional practitioner. For further information please access the website for the Pennsylvania Association of Private School Administrators, of which Professor Telepo is an active member.

Our main purpose of a website of this type is to inform the masses of the numerous benefits of Medical Reflexology. This premier website introduces you to, and, contains an amazing amount of information relating to Medical Reflexology in general and the International Academy of Medical Reflexology in particular.

Professor Telepo invested her time and money to bring this profession up to the next medical level. This level places The International Academy of Medical Reflexology as the only "Approved" Post-Secondary school teaching Medical Reflexology alone. It is the only school of Medical Reflexology whose graduates are considered to be performing "Medical Services" by the United States Department of Labor and Industry, and is listed as such.The most important accomplishment of the IAAR is the fact that the Medical Reflexology Program was designated the Classification Instructional Program (CIP) Official Code 51.9999- Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences, Other on May 6, 1997. The following codes are used to facilitate the communication about programs and government institutions: Health Professions and Related Clincial Sciences, Other CIP 51.9999; The United States Post-Secondary Education Statistics Branch officially allowed Professor Telepo to choose for Medical Reflexology Programs Code 51.9999-Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences, Other, on June 17, 1997; Governments Division of the United States Bureau of the Census and the Pennsylvania State Board of Private Licensed Schools Designated official code for the Medical Reflexology Program-51.9999- Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences, Other; The Standard Industrial Classification Code, SIC, is in place for the Medical Reflexologist graduated from a licensed Post-Secondary school only via the United States Department of Labor and Industry Occupational Code Request number 003939; Pennsylvania Compensation rating Bureau officially designated on August 30, 2001 Code 957, File No. 3059165 (37) Win: 01001303 for Medical Reflexology, which also refers to Doctors, Dentists, and includes Chiropractors and Acupuncturists ; United States Department of Labor ETA/Office of Policy and Research-ONET- officially designated for the occupation of Medical Reflexology on April 10, 2003, the codes (GOE) Medical Services-02.03.04, Occupational Code 079.271.560, SIC code 8049, and ONET Official code 29-1129.99-Therapists, All Other, incorporating the Occupational Title officially for Medical Reflexologist as the Industry of Medical Services.

No other reflexology school has reached this higher level, which culminates in the graduate receiving an official diploma, with the Pennsylvania Commonwealth of Pennsylvania seal. The diploma is awarded upon completion of their schooling, and mastery of their profession. This is emblematic of the skills and ability level of competency worthy of public trust and confidence.

Professor Lorraina J. Telepo is a world leader, and the foremost pioneer of "Official" Medical Reflexology in the United States. Since founding IAMR, her tireless work on recognition and licensure by State and Federal Educational agencies were substantial and significant.

Medical Reflexology has accorded the stepping stones to mold this world leader in her field, worthy of her students stepping into the shoes of all that she has perfected for this great professional field of Medical Reflexology. A pioneer, with a thirty-seven year established clinical practice in Medical Reflexology. All legitimacy gained should be a welcome gift to a person who is interested in furthering this great field, and profession, of Medical Reflexology. the entire Medical Reflexology profession should come together and work as an organized group in the value of furthering the best interests of the Profession.

Professor Telepo devoted her time over the years, well into the wee hours of the morning, which are hours unpaid, and not on record, to achieve these codes. But it was totally necessary to upgrade the profession of Medical Reflexology to this "Medical Services" status, and she wants all to know that the government was absolutely terrific in aiding her to attain these milestone accomplishments, the offical government "recognized" codes separate the amateur/hobby from the Medical Reflexologist professional forever.

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