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Golden Hands of Medical Reflexology Video or DVD

A Must-See For Everyone The Public And Health Professionals Completing Your Medical Reflexology Library

This 1 hour 53 minutes documentary is full of heart-warming case histories backed by medical records capturing the accuracy and value of Medical Reflexology. The entire production is unstaged, and dialogued by the actual patients. Their appearance validates their conviction and confidence in Medical Reflexology. It was the patients opportunuity to give something in return to Medical Reflexology, by caring, sharing, and passing their cases studies on to you, the public. Authenticity in its finest form of grace and truth.

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Telepo Original Reflex Area Foot Chart

This famous chart, for your learning process

It is the first and only of its kind! This Medical Reflexology Chart is an accurate representation of Medical Reflexology, both educational and informative. Requiring 15 years of research to develop and produce, this highly specialized, visual representation is fully color coded for easy and accurate cross-reference. It is clearly defined for identification with isolation of the 12 system areas and total reflex area sites.This Medical Reflexology that is copyright (c) is now fully downloadable for your added learning convenience.

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Telepo L. Golden Hands of Reflexology; video. International Academy of Advanced Reflexology, Pennsylvania, 1993