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The International Academy of Medical Reflexology's basic philosophy is to provide the necessary updated education to prepare students for employment in the field of Medical Reflexology. The International Academy of Medical Reflexology also provides training for continuing education, plus private instruction classes per request. The International Academy of Medical Reflexology's objectives to obtain this philosophy are as follows:

  1. To properly train expert students in a Medical Reflexology curriculum that will prepare them with a disciplined level of competency to enter the professional business field.
  2. To provide a professional and demanding school environment to help prepare the student for the requirements of the real world of work.
  3. To assess each student's ability and to offer referrals to potential clients from the school's referral list. Individuals must possess a valid local business license (business privilege tax return) and return to the school at least once every two years to be included on the list.
  4. To periodically update curriculum to reflect advances and improvements in the field of Medical Reflexology and provide needed training to staff and instructors.


The Official Program is entitled Medical Reflexology. The Program consists of two programs in Medical Reflexology (Medical Reflexology 1, Medical Reflexology 2) (total of 40 hours instruction), and two blocks of practical experience (Clinical Experience 1, Clinical Experience 2) (total of 60 hours of instruction). The combined total of these courses are 40 + 60 = 100 instructional hours, and these 100 instructional hours are spread over an approximate three month period, which become two cycles of 50 hours (one week) held every 3 months. There are approximately 250 to 300 independent homework hours that are required to be completed prior to examination, which brings instructional hours combined with independent homework hours to approximately 400 hours over the period of six months. At least 50 of these homework hours are to be exclusive for the 10 non-chargeable study patients. All of these courses are more fully described in the course outlines which are furnished to all students. The student will be evaluated at the completion of each course. The criteria for evaluation are also described in the course outlines which are furnished to all students. Each student will have to pass written and practical final examination's at the successful completion of the final course, the third exam grade is the 10 study patient case studies, which all 10 study patients must be seen by a student for no less than 10 hour sessions per patient, which is approximately 50 study patient homework hours, and study patients are not allowed to be charged or offer a tip to the student (see I of the enrollment agreement)


No previous training or experience in Medical Reflexology alternatively, nor, any other specialty is necessary. If the student requests enrollment for continuing education, a student must provide a copy of a diploma from a post-secondary school to be eligible for the IAAR continuing education program. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age. All students must demonstrate reasonable proficiency in the use of the English language as measured by a standard TABE test. This is necessary because the program is taught in English and all tests are administered in English. Students will have to demonstrate a measure of physical strength and dexterity in the arms and hands similar to that which would be necessary to operate a manual typewriter. Students are admitted, trained and referred for employment without regard to race, color, sex, age or national origin.

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