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The program consists of 100 hours of classroom instruction, separated in two cycles of 50 hours (one week) approximately every 3 months. This allows for the additional time required to complete the 10 study patient case histories, which is required to be submitted before the final examinations are allowed. Independent homework hours are hours not allowed as clock hours by the Pennsylvania State Department of Education, and this independent time is estimated to be approximately 350 to 400 hours, at least 50 of these hours are to be used treating study patients, and are to be completed within the approximate 3 month period. Time for the report and case histories will vary depending on the individual student. The estimated time of teacher instructional hours, combined with your independent homework hours are 532 approximate hours.


Grades shall be assigned to individual students solely on the basis of the instructor's judgement of the student's achievement. Due to the nature of Medical Reflexology and the necessity for accuracy in the field, the student will be required to attain a grade of 90% or more in each and every tested area in order to pass. Scores of less than 90% in an area will require retesting in that area only. Students who withdraw at any time will receive an incomplete grade.


Students will be tested in three ways which are as follows:

  1. First, the student will have to prepare 10 independent study patient case histories they have worked on no less than ten times each case study (each session 1/2 hour) (50 session hours total) (students are not allowed to charge any fee for service or accept any form of tipping from the study patient, a student must provide to the Director with their enrollment agreement a notarized affidavit swearing they will not charge any fees or accept any form of tipping from their study patients). All 10 case studies will be judged on the return timing of the 10 (each) sessions required, the basis of completeness, the ability to accurately chart the progress of the study patient, and, especially professional self-development skills. The maximum grade is 200 points.
  2. A practical session will be performed on a one-to-one basis between the student and the instructor. This will consist of verbal questions, a client evaluation by the student and an actual hands-on Medical Reflexology session performed by the student on a client. The maximum grade is 200 points.
  3. A final exam will also be given. The maximum grade is 1800 points.


To receive a diploma, the student must complete the required instructional units within the specified period of the approximate three months and attain a satisfactory LEVEL OF COMPETENCy as demonstrated by the required minimum grades of 90% in all three tested areas. Upon satisfying all IAMR criteria for graduation, the student will receive a professional diploma that states all official information and the Cip Code 51.9999 - Health Professions and Related Sciences, Other - further information is at


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