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The school will offer non-mandatory continuing education to all students who have successfully completed the course. The cost of the non-mandatory continuing is $900.00. in order to be included on the school's referral list a student must take the non-mandatory continuing education every two years. This will insure that the student has maintained their skills and has remained current with any changes which may have occurred in the field of Medical Reflexology.


A goal of the International Academy of Medical Reflexology is to encourage independence, responsibility, and self-development which are characteristic of the mature, adult person. Since an orderly atmosphere is essential if learning is to take place, the student must show respect for instructors, staff, other students and visitors. In addition, students share a joint responsibility in maintaining honorable behavior relative to cheating or taking credit for another student's work. Each student, along with staff, is expected to assume responsibility for the care of school property. Moreover, obstruction or disruption of the learning process could result in corrective action. Any behavior which is not in compliance with the standards of the school, which is posted on the school bulletin board, and does not conform to the behavior standards of the other students may subject the student exhibiting such behavior to receive a reprimand, be placed on probation or to be dismissed/suspended from the school. All students are to completely obey ALL local, state, and federal laws, especially, students are forbidden to charge a fee to their study patients or any public until they have been awarded their diploma from the International Academy of Medical Reflexology, there are no exceptions to this strict school policy. Actions taken by the school shall be at the sole discretion of the director with recommendations from the instructor(s).


Laws regarding Medical Reflexology vary from state to state, county to county and town to town. It is the student's responsibility to review the applicable laws for their home area or area in which they plan to practice. If a student is a public practicing medical reflexologist upon signing of the enrollment agreement, the student must provide a copy of their local and/or state business license AND/OR Zoning permit to be eligible to charge their case studies a fee for service. Upon graduation, all students must provide to the International Academy of Medical Reflexology a copy of their business license in order to remain eligible for the referral program or return for non-mandatory continuing education, no graduate will be referred without this requirement fulfilled. This information is expected for vital statistic reports to the Pennsylvania State board of Private Licensed Schools on a yearly basis, therefore any employment or self-employment status of graduates is important to be reported to the IAMR.

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